Dog Training Basics

Whether you have a new pup or decided to adopt a more mature dog, teaching your pet some basic training will ensure a smooth transition for both of you. This article will focus more on the basic training needed for puppies.

How do I teach my dog basic commands?

Most first time dog owners feel overwhelmed when the bring home a new puppy but fear not, training your new pet doesn’t have to be that complicated, you just need to persevere and have patience, lots of it.

Here are the most common basic training for you new puppy:

Teach my dog to Sit

Teach my dog to Come

Teach my dog to Drop It

Teach my dog to Heel

Teach my dog to Lie Down

Teach my dog to Stay

When should I start teaching my puppy commands?

How do you discipline a puppy?

How do you play with a puppy?