new pup training tips

New Tricks and Rules

When my pup joined our family there were a lot of new rules for him to learn so I felt like I was constantly telling him “no.” To help balance the amount of negative feedback I was giving him, I started teaching him the “down” command so he had something positive to work on with me. This helps him stop acting up because he knows how to get my attention in a good way instead of misbehaving.

One of the new rules that have been important for my dog to learn because of my baby was “no licking.” Although it’s very sweet that my pup wants to lick the babie’s hands, she will put that hand back in her mouth faster than I can blink. In order to really get this rule to hit home, I am training the dog not to lick anyone at all. This also means informing our guests not to let him lick since most people respond to licking with affection and that encourages him to continue licking.

Here’s how I have been training my pup these tricks/rules:

Down Command

1. He sits
2. I say “down”
3. With a treat in my fist, I move my hand from his nose straight down to the floor and then move it out in front of him (away from his paws)
4. When he lays down I say “good boy!” and let him have the treat

No Licking

  1. He licks
  2. I say “no”
  3. I walk away from him (or pull the baby away)

The important part here is not to give your dog any attention for licking.